MANIA B-to-B Sales Success

  MANIA is a two-year research project focusing on business-
  to-business selling. This research aims to improve the sales success
  of companies by creating

  • new scientific knowledge and
  • improved tools and methods

  MANIA research approaches b-to-b selling as a multi-disciplinary
  phenomenon. It focuses on interaction and value creation at the
  individual and organizational levels. The project seeks to study
  the role of emotions, hidden needs and motives within sales.
  The scope includes numerous of b-to-b seller and buyer

  The consortium responsible for implementing and funding the research

  • HAAGA-HELIA, Aalto University, University of Helsinki
  • Barona Group Oy, Canon Oy, Fountain Park Oy, Happimaa Oy, Konecranes Finland Oy, Movenium Oy, Movenote Oy and Rocla Solutions Oy

  The external partners are the Edward Schmidt School of Professional Selling
  (University of Toledo, Ohio USA) and the Snellman institute Helsinki.

  The anticipated results and outcomes from the project are:

  • scientific publications
  • practical publications and presentations
  • new tools and methods for companies
  • benchmarking information