MANIA sales research - It's been kicked off!

Torstai 13.3.2014 klo 17:09 - Timo Kaski

I am excited about the MANIA sales research project which has now started. Thanks to Tekes and our company partners for offering us this opportunity!

This project opens doors to new scientific findings and produces practical results that will benefit numerous companies. This research makes my work so inspiring.

Often, especially in Finland, the challenging nature and multiple dimensions of b-to-b selling are underestimated. Now it is time to look at b-to-b selling as multi-faceted, demanding work that needs to be studied and developed systematically. That is why the MANIA project was started.

In the MANIA sales research project we think b-to-b selling is a multi-person and multi-point, unlinear interaction phenomenon that aims at exchange of value. We study this phenomenon from various perspectives combining numerous research methods in a novel way. Special focus is given on emotions, latent needs and motives influencing b-to-b selling.

In order to achieve the objectives, we have compiled a strong and multi-skilled research group. The researchers present various fields of interest: sales, innovation, organization, interaction and language. Aalto University and University of Helsinki aim at novel methodological and scientific findings whereas HAAGA-HELIA is focusing on applying findings into practice. However, all the research phases are carried out together. Our company partners offer us business insight and access to real-life data along with the whole project.

I am happy to work with this great group of people. So far, discussions have been constructive and very inspiring, continuously bringing new ideas on the table. It’s my role as a project leader to help us to turn all the energy and enthusiasm into concrete results!


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